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The OSB Library

The OSB Library welcomes students and parents to explore the vast array of resources collected to engage curious minds. We offer books in braille, large print, electronic, and auditory formats to allow students to discover which reading medium is most accessible to them.
Twin Vision picture books provide print and braille, enabling families to share books and encourage reading at home.

Books may be checked out for four weeks and may be renewed as needed to meet the needs of library patrons. No late fees will be assessed; however, library patrons are expected to return materials in a timely manner. Arrangements may be made to take books home over the summer for our avid readers.

Whatever your academic needs are, the OSB Library is here to support you! Visit the OSB Library and discover the magical experience that awaits.

Graphic with headphones, books, and blue door with words written on it saying Where will reading take you?

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Please feel free to contact School Librarian:
Susana Jackman by email or phone for more information.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.